Dec 28, 2008

woah! new art!

WATCH OUT!! or feel the wrath of the bud troll!

the painting

i guess i'll just say this is a collaborative effort between one of the best friends i ever had. she was my girlfriend at the time, and we spent so many hours hunched over this canvas it's absurd. but, alas, it's come out beautifully, and it's intricate, and is often complimented with,'dang, that shit's intense, dawg!'
and,'thats some aztec lookin' ass shit right, thurr!'
but here it is, fabric paint, canvas, and a few pieces of glass, a plastic dinosaur, a skeleton key, a dice, and some other shit in all it's glory!

tyler lewis-goshen & Mali Rowe
an old drawing, recently colored. originally a t-shirt design, now just an ex-shirt design, collecting dust, doing its damn thing..

and a very new drawing. this hing is sick, i'll go ahead and throw it out there. the lack of color comes partially from my inability to decide if it need color, and partially because most of my markers are about empty. or were at the time (Dec 2008).


a little nerdiness! oh no! i let it slip!


here is a drawing im truly proud of. my friend pugsly did the big day-of-the-dead skull, the one with 3 eyes that looks all crazy, and yellow, and the greatful dead lookin guy. gotta throw him his credit, of course.


alright.. lets see here..... blog number one is off to a good start, here... what?... WHAT DO YOU FREAKS WANT?! Why won't you just Leave Me Alone?!!... Alright, fine, if a little ART will quench your thirsts, we'll have to give it a try.

alright, here we have the good ol' fashioned banana cowboy! i drew this bastard a while ago. maybe 2006, maybe 07'. i;m not too worried about it, though. i've always had all these great plans to make this a shirt, or something, but im just a lazy bum.

here's a show poster for a local jax band. they never paid me, and it was then that i stopped supporting local artaltogether! that sure showed them. 2007

this guy getting brutalized below is an advertisement for my shirt company that never was called T-Dub Nation. i think it's tight, though.