Dec 28, 2008


alright.. lets see here..... blog number one is off to a good start, here... what?... WHAT DO YOU FREAKS WANT?! Why won't you just Leave Me Alone?!!... Alright, fine, if a little ART will quench your thirsts, we'll have to give it a try.

alright, here we have the good ol' fashioned banana cowboy! i drew this bastard a while ago. maybe 2006, maybe 07'. i;m not too worried about it, though. i've always had all these great plans to make this a shirt, or something, but im just a lazy bum.

here's a show poster for a local jax band. they never paid me, and it was then that i stopped supporting local artaltogether! that sure showed them. 2007

this guy getting brutalized below is an advertisement for my shirt company that never was called T-Dub Nation. i think it's tight, though.

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